2016 Television Talent Reel

This is my 2016 Reel:

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5/19/16: Knicks Podcast: Jeff Hornacek Hire

4/30/16: Special Saturday Draft Edition of Big Blue Kickoff Live

2/19/15: Big Blue Kickoff Live from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis – I interview guests (Kim Jones, Rob Rang, Tom Rock) and take calls

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3/10/16: Interview with Janoris Jenkins

10/24/15: Giants-Cowboys Preview

Northeast Conference Basketball Tournament Semifinal Play by Play: Bryant at Robert Morris University

5/9/14: I host Big Blue Draft Night Live with Paul Dottino on Night Two of the NFL Draft: (Part 1)


5/9/14: I host Big Blue Draft Night Live with Paul Dottino on Night Two of the NFL Draft: (Part 2)


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A satire piece on Phil Jackson’s coaching search: An Entry From Phil Jackson’s Journal During His Sojourn To Montana

In order to achieve balance with nature, one must adhere to the movement of the planet.

The warmth of the sun peeking through the partially curtained windows wakes me from my slumber. Sitting up in bed, I gaze briefly at the oil painting on the wall, the great Pythagoras, who brought initial understanding to the triangle… Read More

Tom Thibodeau Is The Obvious Choice For The Knicks Next Coach

So far, Phil Jackson has made three huge decisions as Knicks president.

The first was hiring Derek Fisher. We can now call that a failure. The second was opting to sign Carmelo Anthony to a near-max, five-year contract. The jury is out on that based on Anthony’s injuries since signing that contract. The third was drafting Kristaps Porzingis, which at least for now seems like a resounding success… (read more)

I wrote a few notable stories about Kristaps Porzingis:

Projecting KP’s future on offense…(read more)

Drafting Porzingis indicated a smart direction for the organization… (read more)

I’ve also written a lot about Carmelo Anthony:

How Carmelo Anthony might finally be “The One”… (read more)

Trading Carmelo is a good idea…(read more)

The 2011 NFL Draft Class Might Be The Best Ever (from The Cauldron)

Imagine, for a moment, that your NFL team has J.J. Watt and Robert Quinn rushing the passer at defensive end. Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairley line up in the middle to stop the run. Von Miller, Justin Houston and Aldon Smith are your stand-up rushers from the second level. Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman are your shutdown corners… continue reading