Television Reel

This is my most recent television talent reel. You can watch full shows and episodes of my work if you click on the video tab in the above menu.

John Schmeelk’s Television Reel 2013 from John Schmeelk on Vimeo.

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Some noteworthy and new items:


4/26/13: I host Giants Draft Night Live on Night Two of the NFL Draft

2/24/14: I interview Bill Polian at the NFL combine

2/23/14: I report from the combine in Indianapolis


2/25/14: Monologue on the Knicks disastrous season

2/7/14: Big Blue Kickoff: I take calls and talk about why I don’t think it is a good idea to give Eli Manning a contract extension to free up more cap space for this offseason.


It’s That Time Of Year: Christmas Gifts For The Knicks! 

Knicks fans actually got a win from their beloved Knicks for Christmas. Naturally, however, it came with a price. Carmelo Anthony twisted an ankle and his availability for Christmas is now in question. Raymond Felton came back too quickly from a hamstring injury and hurt the groin in his other leg.I decided it was time for me to play part Santa Claus and part Wizard of Oz and give the Knicks much better gifts than they have ever given their fan base.

George Constanza Can Help Mike Woodson Solve All His Problems

I want to introduce Mike Woodson to someone. His name is George Costanza. He once devised a theory that would do Mike Woodson a lot of good today: do the opposite. As Jerry Seinfeld once said in Monk’s Cafe, “If every instinct you have is wrong, the opposite would have to be right.” This theory got George a job with the Yankees, and it could be the only thing that will save Mike Woodson from himself…